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 Sungai Lembing 2 Days International Endurance Challenge 2002

      Tropical RAINFOREST .. Jungle of tropical rain forests. It is a deep green forest to weave there. The primeval forest that has produced our ancestors has shown an ancient expression. And the plantation of an oil palm tree and rough road of red clay. The off-road paradise which crosses the sunlight intensity for the point of a top figure to develop directly under the equator. Isn't a wonderful drama shared? The choices is yours!
  Site   Sungai Lembing, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.
  Date   22 - 23  June 2002 
  Organized by   HPO (M) Sdn. Bhd.
  Entry Fees

  RM 80.00 -  including 1 night camp with BBQ and free T-Shirt only.


  Trail Bike & Motocross Open

      - open for all type of Motocross & Trail Bike

      - 1 rider 1 bike recommended.  

 * prizes are up to Top 5 ranking disciplined and skill riders

     (more prizes and souvenirs are subject depend on sponsorship)

  Terms & Conditions

  Please fill up the FORM neatly and go through page 2 of the form for more details

  on Terms and Conditions.

  Contents of Event

  1. Event run with few SS (Special Stage) will be set up at Sungai Lembing and next day held at Track. 

  2. Road condition;

      - trip to and fro between Kolek and Sg Lembing about 150km off road riding

      - a river crossing for about 2 feet deep and more than 50 meter wide.

      - up and down hill with deep water way and one of the uphill more than 60 degrees.

  Photos Gallery & Result  

....more photos on Test Run Feb 2001

....more photos on Race Day 22 - 23 June 2001

Cabaran 2 Day Rally Sg Lembing 2001 Result.pdf  (please make sure you had Acrobat Reader version 4.0 and above in your PC, if not please click on the icon below for download)get_acrobat.gif

  Time Schedule
  Day 1   08:00   Breifing section to be held at Padang MPK Kompleks Teruntum, Kuantan
    09:30   Event start at river side of Sungai Kuantan
    13:00   Lunch and petrol refill at Kolek
    16:00   Visit Tapis hot spring and waterfall
    18:00   Camp at Gunug Tapis, Sg Lembing
    19:00   BBQ time
  Day 2   06:00   Sunrise at Sungai Lembing
    08:00   Breakfast at Sugai Lembing (World famous Underground Tin Park Town)
    11:00   Litar Motor Lasak Taman Pertanian Jubli Perak, Indra Mahkota, Kuantan
    15:00   Closing ceremony

* time schedule, location and camp venue subject to change due to weathercondition or others reasons


  E-mail : hybrid@hpo-japan.com or mecpan@hotmail.com


  Mr PAN - Mobile :  +6 016 922 2233

  Mr Ng Tien Choy (Ah Song) - Mobile :  +6 012 955 1793

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