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Cabaran 2Day Rally Sungai Lembing  2001

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The only lady participant from Japan Ms Erika Aoki with exceptional riding skills crossing one of the river nearby Sungai Lembing.

briefing at MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan on 22 June 2001. Committee shows Mr Lai is giving the Plate no. to Mr Chun Fatt Siong from K.L.

Thanks to our Japanese riders, from left Mr Takayuki Sumida, Mr Kaneko Mikinori, Mr Masayuki Sakai and Ms Erika Aoki.

Preparation and discussion  between the Committee and riders.

being escorted by the police, riders traveled from Hotel to Start Point.

Group photo please ! get ready 1, 2, 3 !

In queue and ready to go !

Brett Macnamara (Australia) with his KTM300EXC and Yee Chee Seng (K.L.) with KL250 at Start Point for SS1.

Mr Markus Oswald (Austria) with his powerful KTM 250EXC 2000 model, behind is Japan's  Mr Masayuki Sakai

SS2 in queue...

ready ? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go !

classic group Mr Mohd Hahiz Bin Adzmi and Mr. Rohaizat B. Rosli ready for SS2.

Mr Hanish Oag (10) leading Mr Graham Wright (9) at SS2, both of them from Scotland.

Excellent skills showed from Mr Brett Macnamara at SS2

Mr Yee Chee Seng with his KLX250 at SS2

one of the  troubled rider in water way at SS2

up hill with slippery waterway, Mr Rozelan Abdul ride steadily

  Photos Gallery         Page 1       Page 2       Page 3        Closing Ceremony  

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